Benefits of Violin Lessons for adults

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Learning violin isn’t an easy task. It’s a very complex instrument and takes proper training to master it. It might seem almost impossible to take out the time or even think about learning violin for an adult, due to all the workload, but its not anything that can’t be managed. In fact, getting violin lessons can prove to be of great benefits for you.

As humans we have an innate desire to keep learning new things and explore our potentiality, but we are held back due to reasons like, our jobs, taking care of the family and house etc. People often seem to believe that it’s not possible for them to learn any new music instrument and that only children can learn to play, that however, is not true at all. Anybody can learn to play the violin if they take proper violin lessons.

Another myth that surrounds the mighty instrument is that it takes hours long practice everyday to learn it, that’s again not true. The length of time you practice does not matter, what matters is the quality your practice. You will reap much better results from a 30 mins practice instead of an hour-longnoodling around. You have to be attentive and focus completely on learning. Interestingly, studies indicate that brain retains more information in short bursts of learning, instead of hours of learning. Many psychologists suggest that the maximum attention span for an adult is 40 mins, after that they aren’t attentive. So, if your excuse for not learning violin is that it takes too much time, you should definitely rule it out and book yourself the best violin lesson in Toronto.

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Working in offices, sitting in our chairs all day, often leave us with a slouching back. Playing violin helps you correct your posture. It strengthens your back, biceps and your upper body without actually doing any work out. In fact, violin will leave you with flexible fingers which can improve your typing and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Don’t we all just love new challenges? Giving ourselves challenges is what fuels us and helps us to be active. Learning violin sure can be a challenge, but it will also be a great stressbuster and a little something which excites our brain to keep it running. Achieving such challenging goals boosts our confidence which reverberates into our overall social life. So, if you think that you need to work on your social skills, learning violin can sure be a step forward. Imagine playing carrying your instrument and playing beautifully in a gathering. It will definitely help you socialize better.

Learning violin can have great benefits on your mental as well as physical health, specially if you are an adult. If you love music and want to learn the instrument you shouldn’t hold yourself back just because you think that you are too old for it. Its never too late. All you have to do is a get a quality instrument and book a violin lesson which suits your work schedule. Learning violin can sure be a beautiful journey to embark on.